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Timeless Design Meets Unmatched Quality

JotulJøtul manufactures and markets cast iron stoves and fireplaces with focus on quality, elegant design, consumer-friendly benefits and the highest level of safety.

Jøtul offers a complete range of both traditional and contemporary stoves and fireplaces. Based on traditions in Norwegian craftsmanship, high quality and consistent use of good design, Jøtul will continue to be the favored choice of the generations of today and tomorrow.

Futuristic Designs Backed by Centuries of Craftsmanship

Bunting's Fireplace & Stove, Inc.We believe that our use of good design, which has set high standards within our industry, has contributed highly to Jøtul remaining a market leader in the fireplace, stove and insert business since 1853. Our continued commitment to future high-quality design, with the continued launch of popular products, will create profitability and safe employment for the years ahead and will play an even more important role in our growth.

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