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Hearth Maintenance

Serving the Tri-State Area with

Gas • Wood • Pellet • Electric

All manufacturers recommend annual service for warranty and proper operation of your unit. Our professional technicians will make sure that your unit is cleaned and operating properly. This will ensure your unit is safe and meets all warranty guidelines.

Our Factory Trained Technicians Will Perform The Following Tasks:

  • Clean And Polish Glass (If Applicable).
  • Vacuum Under Fireplace And Burner Area.
  • Clean Logs.
  • Leak Check Fittings At The Unit.
  • Clean The Burner System And Orifices.
  • Check And Clean The Pilot Assembly.
  • Replace Rock Wool (If Needed).
  • Change Batteries In The Receiver And Handheld Remote (There Will Now Be A $4.00 Up Charge For This Service).
  • Check And Clean The Thermopile And Thermocouple System.
  • Answer All Customer Questions And/or Concerns Of The Operation And Safety Of The Unit(s).
  • Clean Work Area Up Before Leaving.
If we find that any parts of the system need to be replaced, we will inform you and get your approval before doing so. Any parts and time due to the repair(s) will be in addition to the original service charge.

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